It's that time of year again and as we busily work our way through Cinematic Arts applications for 2015/16 it is encouraging to note that this year we're seeing close to a 200% increase in application numbers. Why is this encouraging? It's encouraging because it signals that our feelings regarding the need for such a style of programme were correct and that our message, and mission, is resonating with future filmmakers :-)

If you have applied to Cinematic Arts rest assured we'll be in touch very soon. As we receive a large number of applications we're working through them in groups. Please note:

  • We have updated our admissions policy with respect to A-Level candidates studying Moving Image Arts and these applicants should be receiving a conditional offer via UCAS very soon
  • Applicants seeking direct entry into year 2 of the programme will be required to attend an interview (see The Interview below)
  • In the majority of cases, applicants from the Republic of Ireland will also be required to attend an interview (see The Interview below). This should not be regarded as a cause for concern. It's simply the case that sometimes we're unable to assess a candidates suitability for the programme from their application alone. For the first time this year we're making available to Republic of Ireland applicants the possibility of a video interview via Skype. Please let us know if this is your preference when confirming your interview slot.  

The Interview

The interview is essentially an informal chat where we discuss favourite films, directors, and in particular, previous work in the area. This work can be either formal (via a course of study) or informal (for example, you have your own camera and have made a number of short films, or, you have written/performed a script.) All we are trying to do is establish the level of your interest in the subject. 

We therefore encourage applicants to bring along relevant examples of previous work, for example, sketching, writing, illustration, photography and in particular moving image work. Should you have any materials available online, please forward relevant links to the Course Director in advance.

Lastly, the interview schedule for 2015/16 is quite tight so we ask all applicants to be prompt and prepared. If displaying digital materials which have not been forwarded in advance, we would ask that you bring along a laptop if possible.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

AuthorGreg O'Hanlon