• Year one Cinematic Arts students are scheduled to register on Wednesday 16 September at 1130 in MF218. Greg will be present to assist you with module selection (see below).
  • Full details of what you must bring with you on the day of registration are available here. This is REALLY important. If you do not bring all the requisite details we cannot register you fully.


By way of introducing the School and key Cinematic Arts staff we invite all new Cinematic Arts students to a Welcoming Day on Wednesday 16 September. The schedule for the day is as follows:

0930 - 1030: Welcome and general introduction (Room MQ226)

1030 - 1100: Tour of facilities

1130 - 1300: Registration at the Sports Hall (MF218)

1300 - 1400: Lunch

1400 - 1430: UUSU Induction (MB010)

1515 - 1615: Library/IT Induction (Room MM221)

Room MQ226 is in the Foyle Arts Building (also referred to as MQ block). We will direct you to the registration location (MF218) at the appropriate time.

Module Selection

Though the majority of modules in year one are compulsory, in the second semester you will have the option of choosing either DES124 Introduction to 3D Design or DES110 Typography. Descriptions as follows:

  • DES110 - The module specifically works in two segments. Typographic Design and Communicating Design. Typographic Design explores the principles of creating effective typographic design solutions for prescribed visual problems. Communicating Design is the process of developing students appreciation of how good communication is created and applied in a commercial or artistic context. Although students may use technology to finish out projects, the latter half of the module is essentially about coming to terms with the role of design in media rich projects so that students may be confident in the way they use it in future work.
  • DES124 - Through lectures, assignments, case studies and related information students will be introduced to the multi-disciplinary nature of 3D design.  The module provides an insight into the commercial world of 3D Design by studying the working methods and skills required in the field.  The core element of this module is formed by competencies of form, function and purpose. Students will learn how to research, effectively communicate, think creatively, analyse and problem solve and effectively visualise in 3D.

To summarise the options, DES124 is for students who are interested in 3D design and wish to pursue this pathway. Usually, though not necessarily, students who take this module will draw/sketch regularly and enjoy visualising 3D space. DES110 is all about text; how we use it, what it looks like, how it changes over time, what is says. Think about your favourite title sequence from a film and how text was used. DES110 will enable you to consider this in even greater detail.

Final Notes

  • All students are required to attend as the information provided and subsequent conversations will be extremely valuable during the opening weeks of the course.
  • If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty Office.

We look forward to seeing you all :-)

AuthorGreg O'Hanlon