• Year one Cinematic Arts students are scheduled to register on Wednesday 21 September at 1100. Greg (Course Director) will be present to assist you.
  • You must bring the items listed below with you to registration. This is REALLY important; if you do not bring all the required details we cannot register you. The required items are:
    • Results**
    • Passport Photo
    • Photographic ID
    • Pen
    • Fees/Financial Forms

** We check GCSE and equivalent qualifications, A-level and equivalent qualifications such as BTEC, ILC, Access, IB and HND/C and also ancillary qualifications such as COPE, Music Board grades and Key Skills.


In parallel with registration, and by way of introducing the School and key Cinematic Arts staff, we will be hosting a Cinematic Arts Welcoming Day on Wednesday 21 September. The schedule for the day is as follows:

1015 - 1050: Welcome and general introduction (Room MQ226)

1100 - 1300: Registration at the Sports Centre, followed my online enrolment in room MF218

1300 - 1400: Lunch

1400 - 1500: Regroup with Course Director and team, tour of facilities, Q&A (Room MQ209)

We will direct you to the registration locations (Sports Centre, MF218) at the appropriate time. Rooms MQ226 and MQ209 are on the first floor of the Foyle Arts Building.

Final Notes

  • All students are required to attend as the information provided, and subsequent conversations will be extremely valuable during the opening weeks of the course.
  • Please review our accommodation information and advice for 2016/17 
  • If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty Office.

We look forward to seeing you all :-)

AuthorGreg O'Hanlon